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    An analysis of the tolerance for ambiguity among accounting students [1]
    Assessment of current practices in creating and using passwords as a control mechanism for information access [1]
    Corporate websites in Africa : has online investor relations communication improved during the past four years? : Evidence from Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia [1]
    Do corporate web sites in Africa communicate investor information according to best practice guidelines? [1]
    Equity- and entity-based multiples in emerging markets : evidence from the JSE Securities Exchange [1]
    First-year students’ participation and performance in a financial accounting support group [1]
    Future of financial reporting on the internet [1]
    Hacker risk in e-commerce systems with specific reference to the disclosure of confidential information [1]
    The impact of industry classification on the valuation accuracy of multiples in the South African capital market [1]
    The impact of Social Networking 2.0 on organisations [1]
    The importance of stakeholder engagement in managing corporate reputations [1]
    The income tax deductibility of indirect empowerment measures relating to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in South Africa [1]
    Incorporating online tools in tertiary education [2]
    An integrated framework to implement IT governance principles at a strategic and operational level for medium-to large- sized South African businesses [1]
    Investigation of phishing to develop guidelines to protect the Internet consumer's identity against attacks by phishers [1]
    Justifying the investment in information systems [1]
    Keeping sane in Dilbert's world [1]
    n Kritiese evaluering van die verblyfbeginsel as belastingbasis in Suid-Afrika [1]
    Potential influence of Web 2.0 and security practices of online users on information management [1]
    The role of tax incentives in reducing CO2 emissions : evidence from vehicle manufacturers [1]