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    Uluburun - The Discovery and Excavation of the World's Oldest Known Shipwreck [1]
    "Unlearning" construction types transferred from the L1: Evidence from adult L1 Afrikaans L2 French [1]
    The use of discourse markers by Afrikaans-speaking preschoolers with and without specific language impairment [1]
    Using cognitive complexity analysis for the grading and sequencing of isixhosa tasks in the curriculum design of a communication course for education students [1]
    Using the Population-based Incremental Learning Algorithm with Computer Simulation: Some Applications [1]
    Utilizing Formal Innovation Models to Support and Guide Industry Innovation Projects [1]
    Validation of the high performance leadership competencies as measured by an assessment centre in-basket [1]
    Van Ryneveld vs Blaine: the UDFI as a civil-military relations football, 1939-1945. [1]
    Variable selection in multiple linear regression: The influence of individual cases [1]
    Verbruikersgedrag in die SA Weermag: 'n alternatiewe siening [1]
    Verryking as 'n leksikografiese prosedure [1]
    Viable opposition is good for democracy [1]
    Vice-Chancellor's Awards [1]
    The Vineyard Yeast Microbiome, a Mixed Model Microbial Map [1]
    Violence as development? A challenge to the church [1]
    Visceral vasculature in the family Cordylidae (Reptilia: Squamata) [1]
    A vision for the sending of the Church in Botswana [1]
    Vital soil as basis for sustainable soil management, a survey of soil problems in The Netherlands and the way to tackle it, with an assessment for the South African situation [1]
    Voorwerp-rekonstruksie vanaf verskeie onbeheerde sigpunte [1]
    War and Reconstruction: Four Comparative Case Studies [1]