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    • John Dawson Skinner: Mammalogist (1932–2011) 

      Nel, Jan (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2012-02)
      When John Skinner passed away last year just short of his 79th birthday, he left behind a great many saddened but grateful friends, colleagues and students whom he had helped advance in their careers; collaborators on a ...

    • Kadmium in Valsbaai: Moniteringspotensiaal van die mariene slak, Oxystele tigrina (Mollusca) 

      Reinecke, A. J.; Mdzeke, N. P.; Reinecke, S. A. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2009-06)
      ’n Opname is onderneem van die kadmiumvlakke in die tussengetygebied van Valsbaai, Suid- Afrika. Kadmiumkonsentrasies is seisoenaal bepaal in die water en sediment in verskillende lokaliteite. Die metings is oor ’n periode ...

    • Kijken Zuid Afrikaanse en Nederlandse biologie-studenten anders tegen natuur aan? 

      Eijsackers, Herman (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2007-03)
      Do South African and Dutch biology students have different views on nature? Lecturing on nature conservancy at Amsterdam and Stellenbosch offered the possibility to investigate if biology students in different countries ...

    • Konvokasievergadering 

      Botman, H. Russel (2007-11-08)
      Prof H Russel Botman Rektor & Visekanselier Konvokasievergadering Donderdag 8 November 2007

    • KVSA Essay: Euripides se Medea 

      Graf, M. (Open Journal Systems, 2006)
      Die studente-essay wat as die beste beoordeel word uit dié wat voor 30 November in die voorafgaande jaar vir beoordeling voorgelê word, word jaarliks in Akroterion gepubliseer as die KVSA / CASA Essay. Die kompetisie ...

    • L1 influence in the L2 acquisition of isiXhosa verb placement by English and Afrikaans adolescents 

      Lombard, Shona; Conradie, Simone (Open Journal Systems, 2009)
      This paper reports on an investigation into the possibility of first language (L1) transfer in the initial stages of the second language (L2) acquisition of isiXhosa by adolescent L1 speakers of Afrikaans and English, ...

    • The Laodamia Simile in Catullus 68: Reflections on Love and Loss 

      de Villiers, A. (Open Journal Systems, 2008)
      In Catullus’ poem 68 he compares his beloved, generally identified as Lesbia, to the mythological figure of Laodamia in a long simile covering 57 lines. Laodamia epitomises the ideal wife, both passionate and loyal and ...

    • Leader emotional intelligence, transformational leadership, trust and team commitment: Testing a model within a team context 

      Schlechter, Anton F.; Strauss, Jacoba J. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2008)
      This exploratory study tested a model within a team context consisting of transformationalleadership behaviour, team-leader emotional intelligence, trust (both in the team leader and in the team members) and team commitment. ...

    • Leadership in Acts through a social capital lens 

      Nell, Ian A. (2009-12-14)
      Social capital can be defined in various ways. In most of these definitions at least three dimensions can be distinguished. First there is ‘bonding’ (the horizontal relationships between people operating within different ...

    • Lexikografie, ihre Basis- und Nachbarwissenschaften 

      Smit, Maria (Open Journal Systems, 2006)
      Review: Thomas Herbst, Gunter Lorenz, Brigitta Mittmann and Martin Schnell (Editors). Lexikografie, ihre Basis- und Nachbarwissenschaften. (Englische) Wörterbücher zwischen ‚common sense‘ und angewandter Theorie. 2004, ...

    • Logistics aspects of pipeline transport in the supply of petroleum products 

      Pienaar, W. J. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2008-06)
      The commercial transportation of crude oil and petroleum products by pipeline is receiving increased attention in South Africa. Transnet Pipeline Transport has recently obtained permission from the National Energy Regulator ...

    • Logistics management: its origin, conceptual evolution and meaning as a contemporary field of study 

      Pienaar, W. J. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2003)
      This article traces the origin of the word logistics, outlines its conceptual evolution, and explains the meaning thereof as a field of study in a contemporary management context. The contextual development of the concept ...

    • The Making of Strategy; Rulers, States and War 

      Vreÿ, F.; Esterhuyse, A. (Open Journal Systems, 1998)
      This book review discusses the book compiled by editors W. Murray, M. Knox and A. Bernstein (1997) " The Making of Strategy".

    • The mathematical basis of business logistics as a field of study 

      Pienaar, W J. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2006-06)
      This article describes the meaning of the word logistics, outlines its mathematical basis and explains the meaning thereof as a contemporary field of study. The concept of logistics management is described in a business ...

    • Me, Mine and Yours: Mining and Imperialism 

      Nasson, Bill (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2009-12)
      When it comes to price, this British academic publisher is known for being astronomical. On that score, it is hard not to wonder whether this volume in its series is worth its weight in gold. Or, if not that, then at ...

    • The media and the military: Allies or adversaries? 

      Scholtz, L. (Open Journal Systems, 1998)
      Military commanders like Alexander the Great or Richard the Lionheart did not have to take public opinion greatly into account when they planned their campaigns in their day. Today it is a very different situation. In ...

    • Medical Negligence in Ancient Legal Codes 

      Zietsman, J. C. (Open Journal Systems, 2007)
      In Roman Law the Lex Aquilia provided a regulation relating to loss or damage. The first chapter specified punishment for the killing of another’s slaves and four-footed animals used in an agricultural community – animals ...

    • The Memories and Mythologies of South Africa’s Great War 

      Nasson, Bill (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2009-06)
      For those who start them, wars are almost always an illusion, in the sense that the conflict with which they end up is rarely the contest which they had imagined at the beginning. In forcing war upon South Africa’s ...

    • Missional theology and social development 

      Hendriks, H. J. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2007)
      The article describes a theological paradigm shift taking place in congregations in South Africa that empower them to become involved in development work as a way of serving their neighbor. It also opens the possibility ...

    • Mothers' Judgement Of The Representativeness Of Their Sons' Language Samples In Relation To Volume Of Language Produced 

      Southwood, Frenette; Russell, Ann F. (Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics, 2005)
      The analysis of language elicited during naturally occurring situations forms the cornerstone of a child language assessment protocol and is used for the planning and monitoring of intervention (Dunn, Flax, Sliwinski, ...