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    Geletterdheidsontwikkeling by graad r-leerders: ’n gevallestudie [1]
    Gender Differences in Survival among Adult Patients Starting Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa: A Multicentre Cohort Study [1]
    (Gender) partnership as a transforming paradigm for development in the Church and society [1]
    Generation Y and the concept of family. An introductory study of the unique characteristics of Generation Y with specific reference to the concept of family within the context of the URCSA [1]
    Genetic variation in the Critically Endangered velvet worm Opisthopatus roseus (Onychophora: Peripatopsidae) [1]
    Gold coordination during homogeneous alkyne and allene cyclisation catalysis: Coordination to substrates, to ancillary ligands and in intermediates [1]
    Governance in Ptolemaic Egypt, The First Hundred Years: A Case of Imperialism? [1]
    Governing Insecurity: Democratic Control of Military and Security Establishments in Transitional Democracies [1]
    Government urgently needs to provide additional bursaries to train talented teachers [1]
    The great changing room of colour and class [1]
    Guidelines for the choice of economic public infrastructure projects [1]
    HALT! ACTION FRONT! With Long at Colenso [1]
    Hazard sign comprehension among illiterate adults [1]
    Hemispheric Asymmetries in Biodiversity—A Serious Matter for Ecology [1]
    The Higher Education Summit re-opens the debate on differentiation [1]
    HIV Treatment as Prevention: Debate and Commentary—Will Early Infection Compromise Treatment-as-Prevention Strategies? [1]
    A holistic approach to pastoral care and poverty [1]
    Horace on Augustus: Fact or Fiction? [1]
    Horace on Horace 'Odes' 4 [1]
    How assessment and reflection relate to more effective [1]