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    An early career in the military: A developmental-contextual perspective [1]
    An easy and low cost option for economic statistical process control using Excel [1]
    Economic aspects of pipeline transport: A South African perspective [1]
    Editorial [10]
    Education and training need the involvement of all levels of government [1]
    Eerder anders as elders: Gerrie Snyman se bydrae in die konteks van die Gereformeerde teologie [1]
    An Effective Scheduling Scheme for Lift Clubs [1]
    Efficient heuristics for the Rural Postman Problem [1]
    Empowerment of the laity at congregational level: a case study of the Nkhoma CCAP congregation [1]
    Enhancing knowledge retention in higher education: A case of the University of Zambia [1]
    Enriching diets for childhood mental and physical development [1]
    Epicurus' Second Remedy: "Death is Nothing to Us" [1]
    Estimation of increased regional income that emanates from economically justified road construction projects [1]
    An evaluation of guided reading in three primary schools in the Western Cape [2]
    Evaluation of the GRAI Integrated Methodology and the IMAGIM Supportware [1]
    Evaluation of Themeda triandra as an indicator for monitoring theeffects of grazing and firein theBontebok National Park [1]
    Evidence-Based Priority Setting for Health Care and Research: Tools to Support Policy in Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health in Africa [1]
    The Evolution of Strategy: Thinking war from antiquity to the present [1]
    Exemplary leadership and exemplary teams: Unleashing future defence leadership potential [1]
    The Exodus and the spade: The impact of archaeology on the interpretation of the book of Exodus [1]