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    Cannabis use and abuse correlates in a homogeneous South African schizophrenia population [1]
    The Cape in Latin and Latin in the Cape in the 17th and 18th Centuries [1]
    Care to the human “soul” in contemporary theological theory formation. From “kerygmatics” to “fortigenetics” in a pastoral anthropology [1]
    A Case Study on MAximising the Profitability of a form Fill and Seal Machine by Optimising Interruption Intervals [1]
    Catullus 22. Hoi Neoteroi: Everyman's Verse or Supercillious Snobbery? [1]
    Catullus en Krog: Gebruik van 'n persona as metafoor vir die kreatiewe proses van skryf [1]
    Celebrating the Past: Horace's Odes as Aide Mémoire [1]
    A Century of Postgraduate Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) Studies: Master's and Doctoral Studies completed at Universities in South Africa, in English-speaking Countries and on the European Continent (1908-2008). [1]
    The Changing position of the State and State Power in Global Affairs- Views from two scholars in International Political Economy [1]
    Chasing the ubiquitous RET proto-oncogene in South African MEN2 families - Implications for the surgeon [1]
    Civilian-Military interaction on the Matie campus: The 'Battle of Wilgenhof', 1957 [1]
    The Cold War: The world's longest war? [1]
    Comparative Demography of an At-Risk African Elephant Population [1]
    Comparative study of different brands of stavudine capsules for the off-label 'opened capsule' dosing method recommended for HIV-infected infants and children in resource-limited settings [1]
    A comparison of the responses to three comprehension and three production tasks assessing the morpho-syntactic abilities of Afrikaans-speaking preschoolers [2]
    The comprehension and production of plural forms of nouns by 6-year-old Afrikaans-speaking children with and without specific language impairment [1]
    The comprehension and production of plural forms of nouns by 6-year-old afrikaans-speaking children with and without specific language impairment [1]
    Computation of posterior distribution in Bayesian analysis - application in an intermittently used reliability system [1]
    The concept of bioavailability and establishing uniform standards for permissible chemical contamination of soil [1]
    Concurrent Engineering with Constraint Networks [1]