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  • Horace on Augustus: Fact or Fiction? 

    Thom, S. (Open Journal Systems, 2004)
    Quot homines tot sententiae seems a good summary of the variety of critical readings of lyric poetry in general and of Horace’s position on Augustus in particular. This raises the interesting question of the position of ...

  • Horace on Horace 'Odes' 4 

    Thom, S. (Open Journal Systems, 2001)
    Horace’s fourth Book of Odes was published in 13 B.C.1 Ten years had passed since the publication of Odes 1-3. In Epistles 1.1.4 published 7 years before Odes 4 Horace already indicated that for him neither age nor mind ...

  • How assessment and reflection relate to more effective 

    Biggs, Harry; Breen, Charles; Slotow, Rob; Freitag, Stefanie; Hockings, Marc (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2011)
    Assessment (an immediate evaluation of significance or performance) and reflection (a lengthy, deep consideration) should be important components of adaptive management leading to learning. In this paper we use a prototype ...

  • How could South Africa produce more PhDs? 

    Cherry, Micheal I (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2010-12)
    The Academy of Science of South Africa’s PhD report, released in October, provides an incisive analysis of why the country’s doctoral production remains low. Most of its recommendations are sound, although that of large-scale ...

  • How Many Things by Season Season’d Are 

    Jackson, Sue (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2009-10)
    People born between June and September in the southern hemisphere are more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than those born in other months; a quarter of the entire genome of Arabidopsis thaliana (a cress plant) ...

  • The Huguenots of South Africa in documents and commemoration 

    Coertzen, P (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    This article is about the image of the Huguenots of South Africa that we find in documents and how they were commemorated in South Africa. The article proposes inter alia to investigate when the first anniversary of the ...

  • Human dignity at home and in public – introduction 

    De Lange, Frits (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    A genuine concern for human dignity fosters a public culture of human rights. A concern for dignity contributes to equality, justice and respect in civil life.

  • The humanist imperative in South Africa 

    de Gruchy, John W. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2011-08)
    South Africa faces numerous crises – those in education, health, housing, crime and corruption come to our attention on a daily basis. There are also more fundamental issues that concern us – economic disparities, the ...

  • Humanitarian intervention in Africa: Towards a new posture 

    Gueli, R. (Open Journal Systems, 2004)
    Article 2 of the Charter of the United Nations (UN) implicitly recognises the validity of the concept of non-intervention, when it articulates ‘nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorise the [UN] to intervene ...

  • The Humanities and Social Sciences in SA: Crisis or cause for concern? 

    Mouton, Johann (AOSIS OpenJournal, 2011-12)
    The publication of two high-level reports on the state of the Humanities in South Africa in recent months1,2 is in itself a historic event. If scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) had been concerned about ...

  • I braai, therefor I am 

    Nasson, Bill (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2010-02)
    This is a big book about how and why the human world has come to be the way it is. Notwithstanding a glib cover endorsement from celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson, Catching Fire bears comparison to other modern classics on ...

  • Ianus Vitalis: In Christophorum Columbum Portait of a Hero 

    Schneider, M.; van Stekelenburg, A. V. (Open Journal Systems, 2009)
    The discovery of the New World at the end of the 15th century tested the traditional assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes of Renaissance Europe. Although the literary response during the 16th century showed a great deal ...

  • The identification of possible future provincial boundaries for South Africa based on an intramax analysis of journey-to-work data 

    Nel, J.H.; Krygsman, S.C.; de Jong, T. (Open Journal Systems, 2008)
    National census data contain information on place of residence and place of work. It is possible to combine this information and create journey-to-work ows. The process of establishing these ows are presented in this ...

  • If war comes tomorrow. The contours of future armed conflict 

    Vreӱ, F. (Open Journal Systems, 1998)
    The concept of future war and the controversial concept of a revolution in military affairs represent concepts and an evolving debate that could easily be perceived to be a pure American concept. The fact however is that ...

  • Importance of apparel store image attributes: Perceptions of female consumers 

    Visser, Elizabeth M.; Du Preez, Ronel; Van Noordwyk, Hester S. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2006-03)
    This qualitative research focused on identifying those store image attributes perceived as important by a selected group of female apparel consumers. In addition, their perception of Lindquist’s proposed dimensions of ...

  • Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Artificial Visual Baits for Controlling the Tsetse Fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes 

    Lindh, Jenny M.; Torr, Steve J.; Vale, Glyn A.; Lehane, Mike J. (PLoS, 2009-07-07)
    Tsetse flies, which transmit sleeping sickness to humans and nagana to cattle, are commonly controlled by stationary artificial baits consisting of traps or insecticide-treated screens known as targets. In Kenya the use ...

  • In the Museum: Containing Antiquity. An Exhibition in the Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch 

    Masters, S. (Open Journal Systems, 2008)
    A selection of ancient Classical and Near Eastern artefacts belonging to the Iziko Museums of Cape Town is currently on display at the Sasol Art Museum (a Stellenbosch University Museum) as the remodelled exhibition, ...

  • In vitro selection of transgenic sugarcane callus utilizing a plant gene encoding a mutant form of acetolactate synthase 

    Van Der Vyver, Christell; Conradie, Tobie; Kossmann, Jens; Lloyd, James (SpringerLink, 2013-02-05)
    Selection genes are routinely used in plant genetic transformation protocols to ensure the survival of transformed cells by limiting the regeneration of non-transgenic cells. In order to find alternatives to the use of ...

  • Inauguration Speech 

    Botman, H. Russel (2007-04-04)
    A Multicultural University with a Pedagogy of Hope for Africa

  • Independent Large Scale Duplications in Multiple M. tuberculosis Lineages Overlapping the Same Genomic Region 

    Weiner, Brian; Gomez, James; Victor, Thomas C.; Warren, Robert M.; Sloutsky, Alexander; Plikaytis, Bonnie B.; Posey, James E.; Van Helden, Paul D.; Gey van Pittius, Nicolass C.; Koehrsen, Michael; Sisk, Peter; Stolte, Christian; White, Jared; Gagneux, Sebastian; Birren, Bruce; Hung, Deborah; Murray, Megan; Galagan, James (PLOS, 2012-02-07)
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of most human tuberculosis, infects one third of the world’s population and kills an estimated 1.7 million people a year. With the world-wide emergence of drug resistance, ...