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    • Verbruikersgedrag in die SA Weermag: 'n alternatiewe siening 

      Beukes, J. A. (Open Journal Systems, 1991)
      Omstandighede in die wêreld verander feitlik oornag. Kommunisme faal in Oos-Europa, die oorlog in Angola is verby, Namibië verkry onafhanklikheid, die ANC word ontban en die Apartheidswette word afgeskaf. Hierdie gebeure ...

    • Verryking as 'n leksikografiese prosedure 

      Gouws, Rufus H. (Open Journal Systems, 2010)
      In metalexicography the term "enriched item" refers to a dictionary item of which the centre has been expanded, i.e. enriched, by other item parts so that a new complex item is established as topic. This paper provides ...

    • Viable opposition is good for democracy 

      Cherry, Micheal I. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2011-06)
      Political affiliations aside, the results of the recent municipal by-elections are an encouraging sign that South Africa’s democracy is maturing. The official opposition, which remains in power in the metropole of Cape ...

    • Vice-Chancellor's Awards 

      Botman, H. Russel (2007-08-02)
      Prof H Russel Botman Rector’s speech Vice-Chancellors Awards 2007 2 August 2007, Johannesburg

    • Visceral vasculature in the family Cordylidae (Reptilia: Squamata) 

      Miehle, Carolyn E.; Bauer, A.M. (Open Journal Systems, 1993)
      Major circulatory patterns in lizards of the family Cordylidae are poorly known, but may serve as a source of characters for systematics. Two specimens each of the cordylines, Cordylus jQrdani and C. polyzonus, and the ...

    • The Wars of Frederick The Great 

      Potgieter, T. D. (Open Journal Systems, 1999)
      The study of the wars of Frederick the Great by Dennis E. Showalter is both fascinating and informative. King Frederick II ruled Prussia from 1740 to 1786. During his reign Prussia was involved in a number of wars (notably ...

    • What can museum and herbarium collections tell us about climate change? 

      Cherry, Micheal I. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2009-04)
      In 1926—the year of my late mother’s birth—the South African Museum conducted a collecting trip to South West Africa (now Namibia). The participants went by train to Windhoek, where they hired ox wagons, in which ...

    • Whose Bible, mine or yours? Contested ownership and Bible translation in Southern Africa 

      Punt, J. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2004)
      An important but often neglected aspect of the use of the Bible in Africa is its ownership and issues related thereto. Ownership of the Bible obviously concerns its personal possession and all that that entails, but goes ...