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    Forgiveness for the sake of YHWH's Name (Ps 25:11) [1]
    Frequent Toggling between Alternative Amino Acids Is Driven by Selection in HIV-1 [1]
    From Fast to Feast: A ritual-liturgical exploration of reconciliation in South African cultural contexts [1]
    From Foreigners to Citizens: Conceptualising Students' Entry into Disciplinary Communities of Practice [1]
    From Lord’s to the Union: The imperial foundations of South African cricket [1]
    From the editors [2]
    From Warfare to Welfare - Human Security in a Southern African Context [1]
    From ‘proofs without words’ to ‘proofs that explain’ in secondary mathematics [1]
    Fronto Avus: The Tale of a Grandfather [1]
    Functional MRI in pre-surgical planning: case of study and cautionary notes [1]
    The functions of code switching in English language learning classes [1]
    Functions of code switching in multilingual classrooms [1]
    Fusarium spp. and levels of fumonisins in maize produced by subsistence farmers in South Africa [1]
    Geletterdheidsontwikkeling by graad r-leerders: ’n gevallestudie [1]
    Gender Differences in Survival among Adult Patients Starting Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa: A Multicentre Cohort Study [1]
    (Gender) partnership as a transforming paradigm for development in the Church and society [1]
    Generation Y and the concept of family. An introductory study of the unique characteristics of Generation Y with specific reference to the concept of family within the context of the URCSA [1]
    Genetic variation in the Critically Endangered velvet worm Opisthopatus roseus (Onychophora: Peripatopsidae) [1]
    Gold coordination during homogeneous alkyne and allene cyclisation catalysis: Coordination to substrates, to ancillary ligands and in intermediates [1]
    Governance in Ptolemaic Egypt, The First Hundred Years: A Case of Imperialism? [1]