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  • In vitro selection of transgenic sugarcane callus utilizing a plant gene encoding a mutant form of acetolactate synthase 

    Van Der Vyver, Christell; Conradie, Tobie; Kossmann, Jens; Lloyd, James (SpringerLink, 2013-02-05)
    Selection genes are routinely used in plant genetic transformation protocols to ensure the survival of transformed cells by limiting the regeneration of non-transgenic cells. In order to find alternatives to the use of ...

  • From the editors 

    Esterhuyse, A.; Liebenberg, I. (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    This edition of Scientia Militaria, South African Journal of Military Studies, brings three very particular themes together: history, contemporary military operations, and military technology. From a historical perspective, ...

  • Editorial 

    Van der Waag, I. J. (Open Journal Systems, 1997)
    Militaria has indeed seen many changes since the first issue appeared in 1969. Since then, it has been a mainstay in the debate on matters relating to South African military affairs. Oscillating between a military-history ...

  • The pastoral church as a space for healing and reconciliation 

    Thesnaar, C.H. (Open Journal Systems, 2010)
    People experience healing and reconciliation in spaces outside of their congregations. This causes them to grapple with the question: Why they do not experience healing and reconciliation within their own local congregations? ...

  • Memories liberate the past 

    Thesnaar, C. H. (Pieter de Waal Neethling Trust, 2011)
    Memory is central in dealing with and being liberated from the trauma of the past. Individuals, families, communities and nations have struggled through the centuries to face and deal with their memories in a constructive ...

  • The Binga Outreach: Towards intercultural mission in the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe 

    Munikwa, Christopher; Hendriks, H. Jurgens (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    This article addresses the challenges that confront the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) in reaching out to other groups of people in Zimbabwe. They discovered that they were defaulting to the missionary paradigm of the ...

  • Empowerment of the laity at congregational level: a case study of the Nkhoma CCAP congregation 

    Msangaambe, C.E.J.; Hendriks, H.J. (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    This case study answers the question: What should be done in the Malawian Church to lead the laity and lay leadership towards a holistic ministry relevant to the contemporary situation in an effort to develop congregations ...

  • Care to the human “soul” in contemporary theological theory formation. From “kerygmatics” to “fortigenetics” in a pastoral anthropology 

    Louw, D.J. (Open Journal Systems, 2010)
    The core problem: whether a theological paradigm in theory formation for a pastoral anthropology, derived from, and coming from the very positivistic stance of orthodoxy, is appropriate for counselling people within ...

  • Forgiveness for the sake of YHWH's Name (Ps 25:11) 

    O' Kennedy, D. F. (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2008)
    This article investigates the concept of divine forgiveness as illustrated in Psalm 25, especially verse 11. Psalm 25:11 is one of only four references in the Psalms where the Hebrew stem םלה (forgive is found). Scholars ...

  • Experiences with Building a Knowledge System: An Application in Industrial Control 

    Greef, A. R.; Reinecke, R. (Open Journal Systems, 1988)
    Die Sentrum vir Robotika aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch is die taak gestel om 'n komplekse vervaardigingsel to bou wat 'n ongeskoolde mens as stelselkomponent sou moes insluit As voorloper vir hierdie poging het ...

  • Investigating of Eco- and Energy-efficient Lubrication Strategies for the Drilling of Light Metal Alloys 

    Treurnicht, N.F.; Joubert, H.J.; Oosthuizen, G.A.; Akdogan, G. (Open Journal Systems, 2010)
    Energy use will be one of the main drivers for the achievement of more eco-efficient drilling processes in the automotive industry. Industry awareness of the environmental impact of used cutting emulsions, and the negative ...

  • The Dynamics of a Distribution System Simulated on a Spreadsheet 

    Reinecke, R.; Bird, P. M.; McNab, J. T.; Uys, A. R. (Open Journal Systems, 1988)
    The dynamics of a typical production-distribution system, namely from manufacturer to distributors to retailers has been simulated with the aid of Lotus 123 on a personal computer. The original simulation program DYNAr10 ...

  • Regaining sanity for the earth 

    Loubser, Gys (Open Journal Systems, 2012)
    Resensie. Titel: Regaining sanity for the earth Subtitel: Why science needs best faith to be responsible. Why faith needs best science to be credible Outeur: Klaus Nürnberger Uitgewer: Xlibris Corporation (Verenigde ...

  • Op weg na ’n menswaardige samelewing? Die rol van teorievorming en wetgewing 

    Katts, Donald J.; Koopman, N.N. (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    The Bill of Rights of the South African Constitution of 1996 envisages a society of human dignity, both in its preamble and in article 10. The logic seems to be that the fulfilment of human rights will imply the actualisation ...

  • Restoring autonomy. Symmetry and asymmetry in care relationships 

    De Lange, Frits (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    In this article the complexity of a professional care relationship as a whole of symmetrical and asymmetrical, formal and informal dimensions, is presented. Its ethical simplicity, however, is safeguarded as long as the ...

  • Human dignity at home and in public – introduction 

    De Lange, Frits (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    A genuine concern for human dignity fosters a public culture of human rights. A concern for dignity contributes to equality, justice and respect in civil life.

  • Akademiese beoordeling van ’n vertaling van die Bybel in Afrikaans 

    Coetsee, Y.; Van der Merwe, C.H.J. (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    In the past the authority of Bible translations was often evaluated in terms of their equivalence to source texts. Development in translation theory has revealed, however, that the functionalist approach provides a more ...

  • KVSA Vertaalprys/ CASA Translation Prize: Vergilius 'Ecloga' 1 

    de Villiers, A. (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    A translation competition was initiated and sponsored by the Classical Association of South Africa in 2011. This translation was judged to be the best student translation submitted to CASA during this past year.

  • Review of 'Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds', edited by Lorna Hardwick & Carol Gillespie 

    Thom, S. (Open Journal Systems, 2008)
    Review of 'Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds', edited by Lorna Hardwick & Carol Gillespie, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

  • "Yonder Lies Your Hinterland": Rhodes, Baker, and the Twisted Strands of the South African Architectural Tradition 

    Claassen, J-M. (Open Journal Systems, 2009)
    This article considers the various strands that make up the classical architectural tradition in South Africa. In the last quarter of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, under British rule the ...

  • Deeds Speak Louder than Looks: Pindar's 'Isthmian' 4 

    Boeke, J. du P. (Open Journal Systems, 2004)
    In the aristocratic milieu of the Panhellenic games beauty was regarded as an outward manifestation of the ability to perform noble deeds. This connection is made explicit in several of Pindar’s odes to victors in the ...

  • Syracuse as Vietnam: The Classical Intertext of Joseph Heller's 'Picture This' 

    Pauw, F. (Open Journal Systems, 2009)
    This article explores the classical intertext of Joseph Heller’s 1988 novel Picture This and its concern with ancient Greek and modern American wars. First, the challenges which the generic peculiarities of the work pose ...

  • Rendering Caesar: Thoughts on the Translation into English of N. P. Van Wyk Louw's 'Germanicus' 

    Claassen, J-M. (Open Journal Systems, 2006)
    This paper discusses its author’s attempt to translate into English the verse drama Germanicus by the Afrikaans poet NP Van Wyk Louw, which is based on Tacitus’ Annales 1-3. After a general discussion of translation ...

  • The Huguenots of South Africa in documents and commemoration 

    Coertzen, P (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    This article is about the image of the Huguenots of South Africa that we find in documents and how they were commemorated in South Africa. The article proposes inter alia to investigate when the first anniversary of the ...

  • Die vrese van ons vaders (Geloof, onderrig en die Afrikanerkind) 

    Cloete, Anita (Open Journal Systems, 2012)
    Resensie: Titel: Die vrese van ons vaders Subtitel: Geloof, onderrig en die Afrikanerkind Outeur: H Pietersen Uitgewer: Griffel Media, Kaapstad 2011 Bladsye: 442

  • Disabling God in an able world? Analysis of a South African sermon 

    Cilliers, Johan (Open Journal Systems, 2012)
    In this article the Heidelberg Method of sermon analysis is used to analyse a sermon preached in South Africa one month after the first general democratic elections, held in April 1994. The fundamental hermeneutic structure ...

  • ‘Where I become you.’ (A response to Rein Brouwer) 

    August, Karel (Open Journal Systems, 2011)
    ‘Where I become you.’ (A response to Rein Brouwer) I hereby wish to express my appreciation for the topic of your presentation for this symposium on Covert Violence and Human Dignity. Your topic ‘Where I become you’ – ...

  • The Roman Coin Collection at Stellenbosch, a Sequel 

    Schneider, M. (Open Journal Systems, 2005)
    This paper describes a new selection of ancient coins currently in the possession of the Department of Ancient Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. Discussion will focus mainly on the art and importance of coin ...

  • Transitions and translations from Afrikaans to English in schools o the Helderberg area 

    Farmer, J. (Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics, 2010)
    This paper reports on the findings of a project that profiled the linguistic resources of learners with an Afrikaans-English bilingual background in order to determine features of a perceived process of language shift. ...

  • Hazard sign comprehension among illiterate adults 

    Nicol, A.; Seppo, P. (Department of General Linguistics, University of Stellenbosch, 2007)
    Hazard signs have been considered an effective mode of transferring safety information for many decades. However, research is beginning to show that many of these signs are not understood, resulting in increasing numbers ...

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