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    2006 survey of integrated sustainability reporting in South Africa : an investigative study of the companies listed on the JSE securities exchange all share index [1]
    Access to financial services in the long term insurance industry [1]
    Accident compensation reform : the case of the motor vehicle accident fund of Namibia [1]
    Active investing versus index investing : an evaluation of investment strategies [1]
    Additions to the present USB database : income statements (1990-2000) : an exploratory study [1]
    Addressing the challenge of complexity with the development of the performance "ESP" conceptual framework to guide sustainable organisational development [1]
    Advertising effectiveness in the alcoholic beverage industry of South Africa : measuring the influence of branded liquor advertising on consumption levels [1]
    AGOA III and the proposed Free Trade Agreement between SACU and the USA : implications of a Free Trade Agreement with an industrialised country for SACU [1]
    Agricultural financing and performance in Nigeria : a case study of the agricultural credit guarantee scheme [1]
    Agricultural financing and performance in Nigeria : a case study of the agricultural credit guarantee scheme (ACGS) [1]
    Alignment between the brand positioning and culture : the case of Santam Ltd [1]
    The alignment of private sector initiatives for small business promotion with those of regional government [1]
    The alignment of strategic planning and budgeting and the impact on shareholder value : the experience of FNB Namibia Holdings Limited [1]
    Alternative service delivery models for the South African public service for the year 2020 [1]
    An evaluation of the suitability of guideline AC201 of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and of a new proposed method of inflation adjustment [1]
    The analgesic market in South Africa : a critical review of contributing growth factors over the past four years [1]
    Analysing cash retained by companies declaring scrip dividend on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange [1]
    Analysing containerised volumes to establish when there will be a need for additional hub ports in South Africa [1]
    Analysing some best practices from three leading South African organisations [1]
    Analysing the various approaches to the determination of economic capital by South African life insurers [1]