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    The art of shapeshifting : facilitating strategic foresight to independent non-executive directors - a strategic approach to corporate governance in SA [1]
    The association between inflation-adjusted accounting income and the behaviour of share prices [1]
    Balancing water scarcity and economic development in the city of Windhoek [1]
    Conceptual and empirical investigation into a project management supportive organization culture [1]
    The contribution of strategic management and organisational development theory, models and practice to the effectiveness of local churches : a study on a selected sample of South African urban and suburban churches at congregational level [1]
    Customer experience as the strategic differentiator in retail banking [1]
    Developing an empowerment framework for broad-based black economic empowerment in the hotel industry in South Africa [1]
    The efficiency of African stock markets : a comparative analysis [1]
    An empirical study of South African business forecasting practices in the context of Western benchmarks [1]
    The functionality grid as paradigm for management of technology [1]
    An investigation into global distribution systems in the crop protection industry and the development of distribution system managment model for particular application in South Africa and Australia [1]
    An investigation into the co-producers of preferred strategic behaviour in small, micro and medium tourism enterprises in South Africa [1]
    Knowledge-centric capabilities : a configurational approach [1]
    Managing portfolio managers : the impacts of market concentration, cross-sectional return dispersion and restrictions on short sales [1]
    Measuring the barriers to investment in emerging economies : the case of some African countries [1]
    Single manager hedge funds - aspects of classification and diversification [1]
    A study for an expanded conceptual scanning framework and the impact on current business environment scanning : a systems thinking approach [1]
    Systemic corruption and corrective change management strategies : a study of the co-producers of systemic corruption and its negative impact on socio-economic development [1]
    A systemic perspective of a customer relationship management solution for business [1]
    Trademark and brand dilution : an empirical investigation [1]