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    The African Biennale : envisioning ‘authentic’ African contemporaneity [1]
    After birth : abjection and maternal subjectivity in Svea Josephy's "Confinement" [1]
    Alternative to what? : the rise of Loslyf magazine [1]
    Art and book : a commentary on artists' books [1]
    Art and conversion : an investigation of ritual, memory and healing in the process of making art [1]
    Artists' books in the age of digital reproduction : an enquiry into the problematic nature and (in)accessability of book production as contemporary art [1]
    Beeld se gedagtes : 'n alternatiewe benadering tot die voorstellingsfunksie van die fotobeeld [1]
    Betekenis in narratiewe illustrasie : ’n dissonante samewerking tussen woord en beeld [1]
    Bibliotuiste as veronderstelde tussentuiste [1]
    Bitterkomix en Stripshow : pornografie en satire in Afrikaanse ondergrondse strippe [1]
    A case of emergence : autonomy and self-organisation in conceptual art practice [1]
    Challenging the hand : critical confrontations of female craft and animal artefact in post-apartheid visual art [1]
    Coloured in - investigating the challenges of an 'othered' identity within spaces of learning [1]
    Constructing the value of art : a sociological perspective on value creation at South African art auctions [1]
    The construction of multiple identites in the display of women as objects of desire and submission [1]
    Contemporary avant-garde jewellery in South Africa [1]
    Contemporary jewellery practices and the dialogic interpretation of African material culture [1]
    Cowboys and cocks : the heterosexual construction and homosexual appropriation of masculinity [1]
    The cuff and the collar : a contemporary representation of seventeenth century symbols of power and oppression at the Cape of Good Hope [1]
    Cultural evolution & genre : an investigation of three graphic narratives of the South African Border War (1975-1988) [1]