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    The possible interaction between competition and anti-dumping policy suitable for the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) [1]
    The properties of cycles in South African financial variables and their relation to the business cycle [1]
    The reconstruction of regional systems of innovation to allow the evolution of the biotechnology industry in non-high technology regions : the case of the Western Cape region in South Africa [1]
    The regulation of deposit-taking financial institutions : a comparative analysis of the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa [1]
    Rising unemployment in South Africa : an intertemporal analysis using a Birth Cohort Panel [1]
    School production modelling to strengthen government monitoring programmes in developing countries [1]
    Schumpeter se siening van die kapitalisme [1]
    State provision of social security : some theoretical, comparative and historical perspectives with reference to South Africa [1]
    The strategic implications of black empowerment policy in South Africa : a case study of boundary choice and client preferences in a small services firm [1]
    Thesis [1]
    Two optimistic traditions in the dismal science : rationalism and the 'invisible hand' [1]
    Uncertainty and private sector response to economic development policy in post-genocide Rwanda [1]
    Understanding poverty and inequality in Mozambique : the role of education and labour market status [1]
    Using household surveys for deriving labour market, poverty and inequality trends in South Africa [1]
    Utilisation of mineral rent and the diversified growth of the Botswana economy [1]
    Verhoogde toerismevloei deur benutting van oormaatkapasiteit in lugvervoer [1]
    What we have learnt from post-1994 innovations in pro-poor service delivery in South Africa : a case study-based analysis [1]