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    The fall and rise of the Afrikaner in the South African economy [1]
    Falling through the cracks : income security and the South African social security system [1]
    Fear-based advertising appeals : assessing execution styles of social marketing campaigns [1]
    The funding of black economic empowerment in South Africa [1]
    The impact of social grants as anti-poverty policy instruments in South Africa : an analysis using household theory to determine intra-household allocation of unearned income [1]
    Improving the well-being of the poor through microfinance : evidence from the Small Enterprise Foundation in South Africa [1]
    Die inkomstebelastinggevolge van verpoeling by landboukoöperasies met spesifieke verwysing na koöperatiewe wynkelders [1]
    Institutions and institutional change as explanation for differences in economic development – a study of the first three decades of the postcolonial experience of Zambia and Botswana [1]
    The introduction of new technology in a mature industry : an evolutionary analysis of the South African textile industry [1]
    Die invloed van Internet op die toepaslikheid van die bronreels in terme van die Inkomstebelastingwet, No. 58 van 1962 [1]
    Key efficiency and equity aspects of providing basic local services in South Africa [1]
    Labour market returns to educational attainment, school quality, and numeracy in South Africa [1]
    A macroeconometric policy model of the South African economy based on weak rational expectations with an application to monetary policy [1]
    Macroeconomic consequences of fiscal deficits in developing countries : a comparative study of Zimbabwe and selected African countries (1980-2008) [1]
    Main findings on free basic services from National Treasury Fiscal Incidence Report [1]
    Mannekragontwikkeling in die Republiek van Suid-Afrika met besondere verwysing na aspekte van formele tegniese en beroepsonderwys van die geemplojeerde in die Vrystaat [1]
    The measurement of economic development : alternative composite indices [1]
    The microfinance industry in Uganda : sustainability, outreach and regulation [1]
    Modelling the ecological-economic impacts of restoring natural capital, with a special focus on water and agriculture, at eight sites in South Africa [1]
    n Ondersoek na die arbeidsprobleme vir wynboere in Wes-Kaapland [1]