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    An assessment of the extent of empowerment through community participation : a Kwazulu-Natal rural development comparison [1]
    Changing identities in urban South Africa : an interpretation of narratives in Cape Town [1]
    Churches as providers of HIV/AIDS care : a normative and empirical study [1]
    Contribution of the Participatory Forest Management (PFM) intervention to the socio-economic development in the Southern Cape Forests : a retrospective approach [1]
    Crossing social boundaries and dispersing social identity : tracing deaf networks from Cape Town [1]
    The current relevance of populist history in schools : the attitudes of Cape Town youth to history [1]
    Discourse on identity : conversations with white South Africans [1]
    The dynamics of Francophone African migration to Cape Town after 1994 [1]
    Evaluating the integration of ICTs into teaching and learning activities at a South African higher education institution [1]
    Exploring the efficacy of community-based natural resource management in Salambala Conservancy, Caprivi Region, Namibia [1]
    A framework for the evaluation of research in South African Higher Education Institutions : conceptual and methodological issues [1]
    Gender differences in the publication productivity of South African scientists [1]
    Health care for intimate partner violence : current standard of care and development of protocol management [1]
    Implementation evaluation as a dimension of the quality assurance of a new programme for medical education and training [1]
    Journalism education in universities : the global and local migration of concepts between discipline and practice [1]
    'n Kwalitatiewe ondersoek na huweliksgeweld teenoor wit Suid-Afrikaanse mans [1]
    Local government and sustainable human development: local government as development agent in the promotion of local economic development [1]
    Local government service provision and non-payment within underdeveloped communities of the Johannesburg Unicity : service providers' and consumers' perspective [1]
    Local responses to a travelling model of crime prevention and crime management : community policing in Stellenbosch, South Africa [1]
    "Methodological and epistemological challenges for the chiropractic profession in health care - a study of the history, status quo and future of research and clinical practices." [1]