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    1.3 Ghz Kamlyn banddeurlaatfilter [1]
    A 2-18 Ghz image-rejection mixer [1]
    A biochemical and immunochemical study of ovine adrenal cytochrome P-450 reductase [1]
    A biochemical and immunological study of ovine adrenal mitochondrial electron transport proteins involved in steroidogenesis [1]
    A biochemical study of berry abscission in Waltham Cross grapes [1]
    A biometrical study of yield components in soybean varieties (Glycine max (L) Merril) [1]
    A comparative study of distributed database recovery techniques [1]
    A comparative study of distributed query optimization methods [1]
    A comparative study of the computer industries of Japan and France on their way from infancy to international competitiveness : some key premises in search of a decisionmodel to foster high technology industries [1]
    A comparative study of the political philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau [1]
    A controlled consolidated store test for the Aroma Liquor Group [1]
    A critical analysis and evaluation of project management concepts in the coal mining industry [1]
    A critical analysis of Christology in Seventh-Day Adventism [1]
    A critical analysis of the top twenty short-term insurance companies in South Africa in 1990 in light of the collapse of AA Mutual in 1986 [1]
    A critical investigation into the use of a d.c. network analyser for load flow studies associated with a particular system [1]
    A cross sectional study to determine the prevalence of early and advanced gastric cancer, and precursor conditions/lesions in a high risk population [1]
    A dedicated multi-programmed microprocessor operating system [1]
    A detailed study of the cash flow statements of the companies who were positioned in the Financial Mail Top 20 Annual Accounts Award [1]
    A discrete vortex model for the calculation of aerodynamic loads on a blade of a N-bladed helicopter rotor in rectilinear flight [1]
    A frameworks approach to course design for the teaching of Xhosa as a second language [1]