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    Die ACVV as welsynspionier : van welsyn vir armblankes tot eietydse uitdagings vir inklusiewe ontwikkelingsgerigte maatskaplike werk [1]
    'n Bendadering tot finansiele kwesbaarheidsreduksie : finansiele geletterdheidsopvoeding binne ’n maatskaplike ontwikkelingsparadigma [1]
    Child abuse and neglect : social work experience at Tygerberg hospital [1]
    Coaching, mentoring and consultation : the same but different activities in supervision of social workers in South Africa [1]
    Cultural friendliness as a foundation for the support function in the supervision of social work students in South Africa [1]
    Economic literacy and the war on poverty : a social work challenge [1]
    Effektiewe finansiele bestuur van welsynsorganisasies in Suid-Afrika : aanbevelings vir maatskaplikewerkbestuurders [1]
    Financial literacy education within a developmental social work paradigm [1]
    The global financial crisis : response of social workers to the financial capability of vulnerable households in South Africa [1]
    Indebtedness of financially vulnerable households : what do social workers do [1]
    Migration of professional social workers : reflections on challenges and strategies for education [1]
    Operationalising a competence model of supervision to empower social workers and students in South Africa [1]
    Perspectives on the community education model of social work : implications for education and practice [1]
    Plumbing the brain drain of South African social workers migrating to the UK : challenges for social service providers [1]
    The scope of financial literacy education : a poverty alleviation tool in social work [1]
    Service user involvement in social work education : a juxtaposition of practices in England and South Africa [1]
    Social work education in Canada, England and South Africa : a critical comparison of undergraduate programmes [1]
    Social work supervision policies and frameworks : playing notes or making music [1]
    A strengths perspective on supervision of social workers : an alternative management paradigm within a social development context [1]
    Supervision : a force for change? Three stories told [1]