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    Die afstomping van gemoedsaandoeninge [1]
    An assessment instrument for fear in middle childhood South African children. [1]
    The communicative participation of adults with cerebral palsy [1]
    Conceptualising psycho-emotional aspects of disablist discrimination and impairment : towards a psychoanalytically informed disability studies [1]
    Constructions of masculinity, sexuality and risky sexual practices of male soldiers [1]
    Depression among pregnant women testing for HIV in rural South Africa [1]
    The development and assessment of a family resilience-enhancement programme [1]
    The development and evaluation of a pilot school-based programme for prevention of HIV/AIDS among visually impaired and blind South African adolescents [1]
    Disability employment attitudes and practices in South African companies : a survey and case studies [1]
    Die effek van 'n troeteldier-ondersteunde leesprogram op die leesvaardighede van graad 3-kinders in 'n Wes-Kaapse laerskool [1]
    Explanatory models for the care of outpatients with mood disorders in Uganda : an exploratory study [1]
    Female adolescent sexuality in a coloured community [1]
    A feminist phenomenological description of depression in low-income South African women [1]
    First contact : an exploratory study of the role of psychoanalytic infant observation in South African community psychology interventions [1]
    HIV prevention issues for deaf and hard of hearing adolescents : views of parents, teachers, adolescents and organizations serving the deaf community [1]
    HIV/AIDS and disability : an exploration of organizations' responses to HIV/AIDS as it affects people with disabilities [1]
    Human occupation in the context of chronic poverty and psychiatric disability [1]
    The identification of resilience in, and the development of a corresponding intervention programme for families with a parent living with major depressive disorder [1]
    Identity and community psychology : a study of psychologists and trainees in the Western Cape [1]
    The illness experience of HIV-infected low-income Coloured mothers in the Winelands region : theoretical and practical implications [1]