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    Depressed mood in pregnancy : prevalence and correlates in two Cape Town peri-urban settlements [1]
    Do disability grants influence adherence to antiretroviral therapy [1]
    The effectiveness of problem solving therapy in deprived South African communities : results from a pilot study [1]
    An effectiveness study of an integrated, community-based package for maternal, newborn, child and HIV care in South Africa : study protocol for a randomized controlled trial [1]
    The experiences of individuals with multiple sclerosis in the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    A group-analytic formulation of an incident of disruptive behaviour in a school [1]
    Is it possible to create a politically engaged, contextual psychology of disability? [1]
    Language, culture, and task shifting - an emerging challenge for global mental health [1]
    Mental health and physical health (Including HIV/AIDS) [1]
    Oscar Pistorius and the melancholy of intersectionality [1]
    Predicting Holland occupational codes by means of Paq job dimension scores [1]
    Project Masihambisane : a cluster randomised controlled trial with peer mentors to improve outcomes for pregnant mothers living with HIV [1]
    Psychology training directors’ reflections on evidence-based practice in South Africa [1]
    The relationship between personality traits and vocational interests [1]
    Relevance or excellence? Setting research priorities for mental health and psychosocial support in humanitarian settings [1]
    Responsible governance for mental health research in low resource countries [1]
    A review of selected research priority setting processes at national level in low and middle income countries : towards fair and legitimate priority setting [1]
    Socio-behaviour challenges to phase III HIV vaccine trials in Sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    Stress and coping strategies in a sample of South African managers involved in post-graduate managerial studies [1]
    Understanding health care workers’ anxieties in a diversifying world [1]