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    The 2003 Cricket World Cup : implications for identity formation and democratization prospects for Zimbabwe [1]
    Achieving sustainable peace in post conflict societies : an evaluation of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission [1]
    African leadership and the role of the presidency in African conflicts : a case study of Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni [1]
    African pirates in the 21st century : a comparative analysis of maritime piracy in Somalia and Nigeria [1]
    The African Renaissance and gender: finding the feminist voice [1]
    An analysis of the continuation and expansion of transnational organized crime : the case of human trafficking in Mozambique [1]
    Arms control and disarmament in Southern Africa: An assessment of civil society and state responses in Mozambique 1995 – 2003 [1]
    Assessing industrialisation in South Africa with special reference to textile and clothing trends during the 1990s [1]
    Assessing key political risk indicators for authoritarian states : the case of Libya and the petroleum industry [1]
    Attitudes towards Gender Equality and the Representation of Women in Parliament: A comparative study of South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe [1]
    Barack Obama : a new precedent in foreign policy? [1]
    BEE and Malaysia's NEP: a comparative study [1]
    Beyond secession : a critical analysis of the comprehensive peace agreement and the peace process in Sudan [1]
    The Black Sash : assessment of a South African political interest group [1]
    The blurred lines between war and crime : the case of Colombia [1]
    Brand South Africa : Dutch impressions of the ‘Rainbow Nation’ [1]
    Can Canada still be considered a middle power? Zimbabwe and Canada's declining global role [1]
    Can regional organisations socialise states? Comparing human rights diffusion in ASEAN and SADC [1]
    Changes in global governance : the case of the G20 [1]
    The Changing Levels of Diffuse and Specific Support in South Africa amongst ANC supporters: A longitudinal Study [1]