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    Conceptions of global political transformation: a critical exploration of ideational and normative approaches [1]
    Contending interpretations of the rule of law in South Africa [1]
    Explaining poverty : a comparison between perceptions and conditions of poverty in South Africa [1]
    A feminist investigation into the reasons for attrition of women doctors from the South African medical profession and practice : exploring the case of UCT medical school between 1996 and 2005 [1]
    The impact of organised crime on social control by the state : a study of Manenberg in Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    The kingdom of Lesotho : an assessment of problems in democratic consolidation [1]
    Mainstreaming women in development? : a gender analysis of the United Nations Development Programme in South Africa. [1]
    Marginalisation in Southern Africa : perceptions of and reactions to state regimes [1]
    Measuring political risk as risks to foreign investment : a computer-assisted model for analysing and managing political risk [1]
    Die politiek van transformasie : ’n analise van ekonomiese verandering in Suid-Afrika [1]
    The role and behaviour of Chinese agricultural enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa : case studies of Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo [1]
    The size and composition of the South African middle class : implications for a consolidating democracy [1]
    Transnational science and technology co-operation in Africa : an evaluation of selected institutions and programmes [1]
    Values and the environmental/green movement of South Africa [1]