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    Die bevordering van vroegtydige geletterdheid deur middel van multimedia as voorbereiding vir aanvangslees om leesvermoe, -begrip en -vlotheid te verseker [1]
    Beyond buzzwords : towards an evaluation framework for computer assisted language Learning in the South African FET sector [1]
    A blended-learning approach to strategy training for improving second-language reading comprehension in South Africa [1]
    A case study investigating the essay writing skills of Eastern Cape Technikon education students using the Writing Process Workshop language software [1]
    Charaktere und Hauptideen in 'Der arme Heinrich' Hartmanns von Aue und Gerhart Hauptmanns [1]
    Charaktere und Hauptideen in den Gregoriusgestaltungen Hartmanns von Aue und Thomas Manns [1]
    CHINESE CHARACTER CHALLENGER 汉 字 挑 战 者 Supplementary courseware for assisting students learning Chinese characters [1]
    Chinese radicals in spaced repetition systems : a pilot study on the acquisition of Chinese characters by students learning Chinese as a foreign language [1]
    Der neurotische und der schizophrene Blick im modernen deutschen Film [1]
    DEUTSCH 1, 2, 3!! : an interactive, multimedia, web-based program for the German foreign language classroom [1]
    Didactization of a youth novel as CALL material for advanced Grade 11– 12 learners of German as a foreign language [1]
    (E-) Learning by doing : Integrierter und handlungsorientierter Einsatz neuer Medien am Beispiel Goethe-Zentrum Kapstadt [1]
    The enlightened Chinese characters : a cognitive approach of computer assisted Chinese character learning [1]
    Ernst Wiechert als Schriftsteller der inneren Emigration [1]
    An evaluation of the feasibility of using Moodle to develop an online learning program for the Grade 12 Literature component of the First Additional Language syllabus in South Africa [1]
    Die evaluering van 'n nuutgeskepte luisterprogram vir postbeginner studente [1]
    An examination of the effectiveness of a digital tool as an intervention measure to improve the reading comprehension skills of high school learners [1]
    The expressions of gratitude in Tshivenda [1]
    Fehleranalyse : Untersuchungen an afrikaanssprachigen Studienanfängern im Fach Deutsch [1]
    La femme fatale : une reconsideration d'un archetype negatif [1]