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    Role of access to 'real-time' information in the survival of enterprises [1]
    The role of knowledge management in offshore outsourced software development [1]
    SARS's IKM strategy : an external perception through the eyes of the media [1]
    The semantic web as a knowledge management environment [1]
    Sensemaking and organisational storytelling [1]
    Sensemaking in communities of practice [1]
    Sensemaking in turbulence : an analysis of the merger of the Central University of Technology from a sensemaking perspective [1]
    Sensemaking, complexity and ERP systems adoption : a conceptual study with reference to Project Phakama in the City of Johannesburg [1]
    Social networking for knowledge management : group features as personal knowledge management tools [1]
    Spirituality and business leadership [1]
    Stakeholder involvement in strategic planning and management at the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council [1]
    Structure and sense : a study of organization based on the theories of Weick and Jaques [1]
    Structure or process? Facilitative leadership in the context of knowledge work : a practitioner perspective [1]
    Suur druiwe? Wyn, die TDCA en Suid-Afrika [1]
    Theories of non-linear systems : a paradigm for organizational thinking [1]
    Towards an operational definition of the knowledge economy [1]
    Utilising competitive intelligence, a key component of knowledge management, to formulate a strategy to develop and manage international markets [1]
    Vindicating the fads : a study of the contribution of some late 20th century business management methods to the growth of intellectual capital in the organisation [1]
    A web-based, enterprise-wide, integrated information system as the source of high quality information for decision-making processes in the Department of Education in South Africa [1]
    What did they cover? : a cluster analysis of news stories published in the Botswana Daily News, January – December 2004 [1]