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    A knowledge approach to software testing [1]
    Knowledge assets in enterprise architecture [1]
    Knowledge assets in the supply chain [1]
    Knowledge by narration : the role of storytelling in knowledge management [1]
    Knowledge creation and transfer : implications for knowledge management in parliamentary service [1]
    Knowledge creation at the first tier level of the supply chain : an application of the SECI model [1]
    Knowledge creation within geographically dispersed organisations : collocation from a sensemaking perspective [1]
    Knowledge emerging from chaos : organisational sensemaking as knowledge creation [1]
    Knowledge management and early warning systems : the case of Southern African Development Community's conflict prevention strategy [1]
    Knowledge management and risk : a case study in Sasol between 2005 and 2009 [1]
    Knowledge management and service delivery : a knowledge management model for the housing sector [1]
    Knowledge management and the learning organisation in the new economy [1]
    Knowledge management initiatives and implementation : a qualitative meta-analysis of public and private organisations [1]
    Knowledge transfer and retention : the case of a public water utility in South Africa [1]
    Knowlegde management practices in the South African public sector 2002-2008 [1]
    Learning & knowledge : critical elements to sustained competitive advantage [1]
    Learning and the use of smart phone devices : an experimental case study in a Gauteng secondary school [1]
    Learning from risk : facilitating organisational learning through enterprise risk management [1]
    Leveraging enterprise portals for business performance – the implications for the management of knowledge assets [1]
    The loss of human capital due to poor retention strategies : a case study of a government department in the South African context [1]