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    The I-space as an evolutionary framework for an economics of knowledge : a comparison with generalized Darwinism [1]
    Identity positioning for trust : a narrative analysis on consultant identity construction [1]
    In search of an applied leadership model for start-up organisations [1]
    Individual and organisational learning and the ecology : factors that influence the direction of learning [1]
    The industrialisation of software production - a knowledge management perspective [1]
    Information management and globalised sport : a South African mega-event model [1]
    Information management in the age of E-government - the case of South Africa [1]
    Information organisation in small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa [1]
    Information orientation of a public organisation : a qualitative case study of the information orientation in the Department of International Relations and Cooperation [1]
    Information system outsourcing and strategic decision making : a meta-theoretic review of the literature [1]
    Innovation and the city in the era of the knowledge economy [1]
    The integration of information and communication technology into rural schools of South Africa :a case study of schools in Malamulele / [1]
    Intelligence analysis in the knowledge age : an analysis of the challenges facing the practice of intelligence analysis [1]
    Intra-organisational information and knowledge sharing : exploring persistent barriers [1]
    An investigation and evaluation of three integrated library systems for the Human Sciences Research Council Information Services [1]
    An investigation into the prevalence of knowledge management practices within the libraries of two institutions on the verge of a merger : Cape Technikon and Peninsula Technikon [1]
    An investigation of the effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for primary school teachers in the transfer of knowledge [1]
    A knowledge approach to software testing [1]
    Knowledge assets in enterprise architecture [1]
    Knowledge assets in the supply chain [1]