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    Developing a strategy to distribute short shelf life products in the high crime township of KwaMashu in South Africa [1]
    Diversity in decision making for competitive advantage : conceptualising the impact diversity of ideas has on decision making efficiency [1]
    e-Parliament to e-democracy : creating a model for effective management of public content [1]
    The education management information system of the Free State Department of Education : a systems analysis [1]
    The effect of mergers and acquisitions : focus on employee job satisfaction of former employees of Smartcom in Vodacom SA [1]
    The effect of mergers on knowledge loss in an IT Company : a case study [1]
    Effectiveness of user-curated filtering as coping strategy for information overload on microblogging services [1]
    Elliott Jaques and sensemaking : ultimate sensemaker or 20th century relic? [1]
    Enterprise resource planning systems selection in the wine industry of the Western Cape : a qualitative case study [1]
    Evaluating and comparing search engines in retrieving text information from the web [1]
    An evaluation of the information dissemination mechanisms for small scale subsistence farmers [1]
    Evaluation of Transwerk Risk Management Information System [1]
    Expecting the unexpected : beyond teleological information systems development [1]
    Facilitating a learning organization : the case of a small consulting firm [1]
    Factors affecting implementation of enterprise applications integration (EAI) with special reference to corruption and fraud in DOD [1]
    Factors affecting the implementation of an electronic document and records management system [1]
    Garbage and goals : toward a prescription for research that would lead to a technology of foolishness [1]
    Harnessing the intellectual capital of an organisation : an exploratory study [1]
    How to leverage information to improve business performance in a financial services company [1]
    Human rights in Africa : will the African renaissance strengthen the international normative order? [1]