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    • Patient diagnostic rate as indicator of tuberculosis case detection, South Africa 

      Claassens, Mareli M.; Van Schalkwyk, Cari; Dunbar, Rory; Ayles, Helen; Beyers, Nulda (Centers for Disease Control and PreventionPublisher's version, 2016)
      ENGLISH SUMMARY : To address the uncertainty of the indirectly measured tuberculosis case detection rate, we used survey data stratified by HIV status to calculate the patient diagnostic rate, a directly measurable indicator, ...

    • Tuberculosis in healthcare workers and infections control measures at primary healthcare facilities in South Africa 

      Claassens, Mareli M.; Van Schalkwyk, Cari; Du Toit, Elizabeth; Roest, Eline; Lombard, Carl J.; Enarson, Donald A.; Beyers, Nulda; Borgdorff, Martien W. (Public Library of Science, 2013-10-02)
      Background Challenges exist regarding TB infection control and TB in hospital-based healthcare workers in South Africa. However, few studies report on TB in non-hospital based healthcare workers such as primary or ...