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    • The rate of sputum smear-positive tuberculosis after treatment default in a high-burden setting : a retrospective cohort study 

      Marx, Florian M.; Dunbar, Rory; Enarson, Donald A.; Beyers, Nulda (PLoS, 2012-09)
      Rationale: High rates of recurrent tuberculosis after successful treatment have been reported from different high burden settings in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, little is known about the rate of smear-positive tuberculosis ...

    • Reducing deaths from severe pneumonia in children in Malawi by improving delivery of pneumonia case management 

      Enarson, Penelope M.; Gie, Robert P.; Mwansambo, Charles C.; Maganga, Ellubey R.; Lombard, Carl J.; Enarson, Donald A.; Graham, Stephen M. (PLoS, 2014-07-22)
      Objective: To evaluate the pneumonia specific case fatality rate over time following the implementation of a Child Lung Health Programme (CLHP) within the existing government health services in Malawi to improve delivery ...

    • Tuberculosis control in South Africa : successes, challenges and recommendations 

      Churchyard, G. J.; Mametja, L. D.; Mvusi, L.; Ndjeka, N.; Hesseling, A. C.; Reid, A.; Babatunde, S.; Pillay, Y. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2014-03)
      Tuberculosis (TB) remains a global health threat, and South Africa (SA) has one of the world’s worst TB epidemics driven by HIV. Among the 22 countries with the highest burden of TB, SA has the highest estimated incidence ...

    • Vitamin D levels in Indian children with intrathoracic tuberculosis 

      Khandelwal, Deepchand; Gupta, Nandita; Mukherjee, Aparna; Lodha, Rakesh; Singh, Varinder; Grewal, Harleen M. S.; Bhatnagar, Shinjini; Singh, Sarman; Kabra, S. K.; Delhi Pediatric TB study group; Hesseling, A. C. (Medknow, 2014-10)
      Background & objectives: Deficiency of vitamin D, an immunomodulator agent, is associated with increased susceptibility to tuberculosis in adults, but only limited studies are available in the paediatric age group, especially ...