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    The Identification of natural terroir units in the Robertson Wine District using GIS and remote sensing [1]
    The impact of Stellenbosch Square on retail buying patterns in Paradyskloof [1]
    The impact of training set size and feature dimensionality on supervised object-based classification : a comparison of three classifiers [1]
    The impact of Zimbabwe’s drought policy on Sontala rural community in Matabeleland South province [1]
    Die invloed van plattelandse toerisme op die ontwikkeling en struktuur van Sutherland [1]
    Land degradation and settlement intensification in Umhlathuze Municipality [1]
    Land degradation in Lesotho : a synoptic perspective [1]
    Land degradation in the Northern Province : physical manifestations and local perceptions [1]
    Land-cover change in the Berg River catchment : implications for biodiversity conservation [1]
    Landscape function analysis and ecological management of an agricultural landscape [1]
    Landslide susceptibility mapping : remote sensing and GIS approach [1]
    Local and sub-regional socio-economic and environmental impact of large-scale resort development [1]
    Location based services : developing mobile GIS applications [1]
    The location dynamics of knowledge-based service establishments : a Stellenbosch case study [1]
    Mapping potential soil salinization using rule based object-oriented image analysis [1]
    Mapping the potential of veld fire occurrence in the mountain regions of the South Western Cape, using GIS [1]
    Monitoring the re-growth rate of alien vegetation after fire on Agulhas Plain, South Africa [1]
    Mountain wave turbulence in the lee of the Hex River Mountains [1]
    Multi-criteria decision making and geographical information systems : an extension for ArcView [1]
    The nature, extent and impact of multiple land uses on the agricultural landscape in Stellenbosch as manifestation of a post-productivist mode of agricultural change [1]