Conference Proceedings (Geography and Environmental Studies)


Recent Submissions

  • Using CLUES to find suitable areas for perennial crops 

    Van Niekerk, Adriaan (Cape Land Use Expert System (CLUES), 2009-09)
    A web-based spatial decision support system (SDSS), called the Cape Land Use Expert System (CLUES), was developed to demonstrate how the Internet can be used to perform land suitability analysis in the Western Cape. CLUES ...

  • Avian endemism in northeastern tropical Africa 

    Fjeldsa, Jon; De Klerk, Helen Margaret (Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, 2001)
    The avian endemism of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa was analyzed using a database where all bird distributions in Africa south of the Sahara are recorded in a one-degree grid. Applying a hierarchical classification ...