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    • Framing the concept of satellite remote sensing essential biodiversity variables : challenges and future directions 

      Pettorelli, Nathalie; Wegmann, Martin; Skidmore, Andrew; Mucher, Sander; Dawson, Terence P.; Fernandez, Miguel; Lucas, Richard; Schaepman, Michael E.; Wang, Tiejun; O’Connor, Brian; Jongman, Robert H. G.; Kempeneers, Pieter; Sonnenschein, Ruth; Leidner, Allison K.; Bohm, Monika; He, Kate S.; Nagendra, Harini; Dubois, Gregoire; Fatoyinbo, Temilola; Hansen, Matthew C.; Paganini, Marc; De Klerk, Helen Margaret; Asner, Gregory P.; Kerr, Jeremy T.; Estes, Anna B.; Schmeller, Dirk S.; Heiden, Uta; Rocchini, Duccio; Pereira, Henrique M.; Turak, Eren; Fernandez, Nestor; Lausch, Angela; Cho, Moses A.; Alcaraz-Segura, Domingo; McGeoch, Melodie A.; Turner, Woody; Mueller, Andreas; St-Louis, Veronique; Penner, Johannes; Vihervaara, Petteri; Belward, Alan; Reyers, Belinda; Geller, Gary N. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2016-03)
      Although satellite-based variables have for long been expected to be key components to a unified and global biodiversity monitoring strategy, a definitive and agreed list of these variables still remains elusive. The growth ...