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    Ants, altitude and change in the northern Cape Floristic Region [1]
    Biogeographical patterns of endemic terrestrial Afrotropical birds [1]
    A comparison of land unit delineation techniques for land evaluation in the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Game, fences and motor vehicle accidents : spatial patterns in the Eastern Cape [1]
    Gaps in the protected area network for threatened Afrotropical birds [1]
    Geo-information pyramids for up-to-date and flexible conservation plans : a case study for Transfrontier Conservation Areas [1]
    Die groot avontuur – wondere van lewe op aarde [1]
    A hierarchical Bayesian model of wildfire in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot : implications of weather variability and global circulation [1]
    Input variable selection for interpolating high-resolution climate surfaces for the Western Cape [1]
    Knowledge-based service industry in a South African university town : the case of Stellenbosch [1]
    A landscape-scale assessment of the long-term integrated control of an invasive shrub in South Africa [1]
    Modelling the winter distribution of a rare and endangered migrant, the Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola [1]
    Patterns of species richness and narrow endemism of terrestrial bird species in the Afrotropical region [1]
    A pragmatic assessment of the usefulness of the MODIS (Terra and Aqua) 1-km active fire (MOD14A2 and MYD14A2) products for mapping fires in the fynbos biome [1]
    Predicting runoff-induced pesticide input in agricultural sub-catchment surface waters : linking catchment variables and contamination [1]
    Temporal patterns of animal-related traffic accidents in the Eastern Cape, South Africa [1]
    Where are the major gaps in the reserve network for Africa's mammals? [1]
    Why cordylid lizards are black at the south-western tip of Africa [1]