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    An analysis of requests produced by second language speakers of English and how these requests are received by English first language speakers [1]
    Aviation English in South African airspace [1]
    Comparing journalistic cultures : constructing the identity of Fred van der Vyver as newsmaker [1]
    The comprehension by factory workers of English technical terms in Ministry of Employment and Labour Radio Broadcasts in Lesotho [1]
    Conceptual metaphors in media discourses on AIDS denialism in South Africa [1]
    Constructing victims and perpetrators of sexual violence in Drum magazine between 1984 and 2004 : a discourse analytical study [1]
    Cultural awareness in TESOL student and teacher material [1]
    Cultural differences in using a telephone answering machine : views on conveying information or maintaining relationships [1]
    Die gebruik van onsinwoordherhaling, regtewoordherhaling, sinsherhaling en getalherhaling in die indentifisering van kinders met spesifieke taalgestremdheid [1]
    Die verwerwing van grammatikale geslag in tweedetaal Duits deur leerders met Afrikaans, Engels of Italiaans as eerstetaal [1]
    The discourse marker mos in rural varieties of Afrikaans in the Western Cape: A descriptive study of syntactic patterns and pragmatic function [1]
    The discursive construction of hydraulic fracturing in South Africa : a critical analysis of media texts from 2011 to 2012 [1]
    Effective language use in academic study material for L2 speakers of English at a distance learning institution [1]
    The engagement of top management in IT discourse [1]
    English as a Lingua Franca and English in South Africa : distinctions and overlap [1]
    English lingua franca as language of learning and teaching in northern Namibia : a report on Oshiwambo teachers’ experiences [1]
    Fanakalo as a trade language in Kwazulu-Natal [1]
    Frequency and function of codeswitching among German-English bilingual preschool children in Cape Town [1]
    The functions of codeswitching in a multicultural and multilingual high school [1]
    The functions of teachers' code switching in multilingual and multicultural high school classrooms in the Siyanda District of the Northern Cape Province [1]