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    Ecocriticism and the oil encounter : readings from the Niger Delta [1]
    Encountering strange lands : migrant texture in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s fiction [1]
    Evocations of poverty in selected novels of Meja Mwangi and Roddy Doyle : a study of literary representation [1]
    An examination of prison, criminality and power in selected contemporary Kenyan and South African narratives [1]
    From Chawton to Oakland : configuring the nineteenth-century domestic in Catherine Hubback's writing [1]
    Imagining the city in Zimbabwean literature 1949 to 2009 [1]
    Interregnum in Providence : the fragmentation of narrative as quest in the prose fictions of Heman Melville [1]
    Intra- and inter-continental migrations and diaspora in contemporary African fiction [1]
    Language limits : the dissolution of the lyric subject in experimental print and performance poetry [1]
    The making and remaking of gender relations in Tanzanian fiction [1]
    Narrative enablement : constructions of disability in contemporary African imaginaries [1]
    Nation in crisis : alternative literary representations of Zimbabwe Post-2000 [1]
    Negotiating (trans)national identities in Ugandan literature [1]
    The representation of African humanism in the narrative writings of Es'kia Mphahlele [1]
    The representation of women in the works of three South African novelists of the transition [1]
    Representations of troubled childhoods in selected post-1990 African fiction in English [1]
    A theoretical model for a Fang-French-English Specialized multi-volume school dictionary [1]
    Unavowable communities : mapping representational excess in South African literary culture, 2001-2011 [1]
    Uncovering the apocalypse : narratives of collapse and transformation in the 21st century Fin de Siècle [1]
    Unresolved irony and the late novels of Henry James [1]