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    Sarah Kane en die liriek as literêr-musikale interteks [1]
    The significance of editing techniques in the adaptation of play texts into film [1]
    Die slagveld van teks en betekenis : enkele aspekte in die dramatiek van Breyten Breytenbach [1]
    Speel-speel van leesbot tot leesversot : ’n ondersoek na die aanwending van voorlees in kombinasie met drama as ’n pedagogiese hulpmiddel tot die ontwikkeling van leesliefde by leerders [1]
    Die tegniek van geen tegniek : 'n ondersoek na kontak improvisasie in Suid-Afrika, met spesiale verwysing na die werk van Lanon Prigge en Samantha Pienaar [1]
    Television theatre : investigating the possibility of a translation of Afrikaans theatre to screen [1]
    Theatre as alternative historical narrative : a study of three plays : "Ubu and the Truth Commission", "Copenhagen" and "Ghetto" [1]
    Theatre as intervention tool in HIV/AIDS education with specific reference to “Lucky, the hero!” [1]
    The Toltec teachings and performance training : complementary practices of exploration [1]
    Towards the Family's Salvation : examining the displacement of the (F)ather in selected religious family dramas of Ibsen and Strindberg resulting in the creation of a new text [1]
    Tracing the impact of Stanislavski's system on Strasberg's method [1]
    Training the student actor in the production process : a look at areas in which a director within a training institution can facilitate the learning process in a student actor [1]
    Using theatre techniques as a tool to enable active learning : searching for a pedagogy to transform spectators into spect-actors [1]
    Visual music : a study on the role of music in South African children’s television programmes from 1976 − 1994 [1]
    “…we must not hold our fears…” A Case Study exploring the use of Group Dramatherapy as a Therapeutic Intervention with Children and Adolescents Living in Poverty. [1]
    When the known world dissolves : representations of the white male on the South African stage in the transitional years (1980-2000) [1]
    Where dance and drama meet again : aspects of the expressive body in the 20th century [1]