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    Aeneas se onderwêreldse reis in illustrasie : ’n resepsie-historiese studie van tonele in Aeneïs VI [1]
    Ancient skies : early Babylonian astronomy, with specific reference to MUL.APIN [1]
    Ani and its semantic domain in the Psalms [1]
    The animal themes in Horace's Epodes [1]
    Aspects of the Demeter/Persephone myth in modern fiction [1]
    Aspects of the family in Ancient Egypt [1]
    Aspects of the Sabbath in the late second Temple period [1]
    Beneath the raptor’s wings : the avian composition grasping the symbol for eternity in Egypt [1]
    Bit by bit : an iconographic study of horses in the reliefs of the Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II (883 - 859 BC) [1]
    Catullus se Carmina in Afrikaans vertaal : ’n funksionalistiese benadering [1]
    City centres of the apostle Paul [1]
    A cognitive semantic assessment of עִם and אֵת's semantic potential [1]
    A comparison between Plato and Zoroaster : aspects of the philosophy in the Timaeus and the Gathas [1]
    The concept of the sanus homo in the de Medicina of Celsus [1]
    Debt and its solutions : a comparative study of the biblical jubilee year and the edict of Ammisaduqa [1]
    The development of a practical moral identity in Seneca's Epistulae morales 1-29 [1]
    Drawing the divide : the nature of Athenian identity as reflected in the depiction of the „other‟ in Attic red-figure vase painting in the fifth century BCE [1]
    Dualism in Jewish apocalyptic and Persian religion : an analysis [1]
    Essene sectarianism as a Judaic alternative to Pharisaism and Sadduceanism [1]
    The feminine Other in Euripides’ Hecuba : exploring tensions in the masculine classical polis [1]