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    Analysing the frames of a bible: the case of the Setswana translations of the book of Ruth [1]
    Aphrahat's demonstrations : a conversation with the Jews of Mesopotamia [1]
    Augustine's Contra Fortunatum : perspectives from critical discourse analysis and argumentation theory [1]
    Augustine’s use of Romans in the conversion narratives of the Confessions [1]
    Ba'al and Seth : an investigation into the relationship of two gods, with reference to their iconography (ca. 1500 – 1000 BCE) [1]
    Bible translation and relevance theory : the translation of Titus [1]
    Biblical Hebrew lexicology and cognitive semantics : a study of lexemes of affection [1]
    A Biblical Hebrew lexicon for translators based on recent developments in theoretical lexicography [1]
    Chiastic structures in Hebrews : a study of form and function in Biblical discourse [1]
    A cognitive analysis of similes in the book of Hosea [1]
    A cognitive linguistic description of purpose and result connectives in biblical Hebrew [1]
    The conceptualisation of anger in the Hebrew Bible [1]
    Contemporary witch : dramatic treatments of the Medea myth [1]
    The development of Jewish ideas of angels : Egyptian and Hellenistic connections, ca. 600 BCE to ca. 200 CE [1]
    A discourse-functional description of participant reference in Biblical Hebrew narrative [1]
    Divine metaphors in a selection of biblical Hebrew psalms of lamentation [1]
    Eskatologiese/apokaliptiese oorlog tussen goed en kwaad in die Zoroastrisme, die Judaismse (Qumran) en 'n vroeg-Christelike geskrif (Die apokalips) [1]
    From information structure, topic and focus, to theme in Biblical Hebrew [1]
    Iconographic motifs from Palestine/Israel and Daniel 7:2-14 [1]
    Idioms in Biblical Hebrew : towards their identification and classification with special reference to 1 and 2 Samuel [1]