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    • What is a dictionary? 

      Bergenholtz, Henning (Bureau of the WAT, 2012)
      By comparing different definitions in dictionaries and in theoretical papers we know that lexicographers have very different opinions on the topic: "What is a dictionary?" We see too that lexicographic tools with the same ...

    • What is a lexicographical database? 

      Bergenholtz, Henning; Nielsen, Jesper Skovgard (Bureau of the WAT, 2013)
      Fifty years ago, no lexicographer used a database in the work process. Today, almost all dictionary projects incorporate databases. In our opinion, the optimal lexicographical database should be planned in cooperation ...

    • What is lexicography? 

      Bergenholtz, Henning; Gouws, Rufus H. (Bureau of the WAT, 2012)
      Within the field of lexicography there are numerous differences when it comes to the interpretation of the term lexicography and differences in determining the nature, extent and scope of this term. Although it is widely ...

    • Who can really be called a lexicographer? 

      Gouws, Rufus H. (Bureau of the WAT, 2012)
      Lexicographers define words but still lack a clear and unambiguous understanding of the word lexicographer. This paper gives a brief discussion of the problems experienced in trying to determine exactly what a lexicographer ...

    • Woordeboeke en dowe gebruikers : huidige probleme en die behoefte aan beter oplossings 

      Fourie Blair, Hanelle (Bureau of the WAT, 2013)
      AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Gebaretaalleksikografie is 'n afdeling van die leksikografie wat tot dusver 'n grootliks vae, onbelangrike area was. Die ontwikkeling van gebaretaalleksikografie was in die verlede onderhewig aan ...