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    1 Corinthians 7:17–24 : identity and human dignity amidst power and liminality [1]
    Ascended far above all the heavens : rhetorical functioning of Psalm 68:18 in Ephesians 4:8–10 [1]
    A biblical death-wish : Paul celebrating dying in Phil 1:21 [1]
    A case of tribal defilement in a Kenyan rural village : a narratological and socio-rhetorical function of the motifs of 'hearing and understanding' and 'contrast' in Matthew 15:10-11 vis-à--vis Leviticus 11:1-4 [1]
    Christian theology at the University : on the threshold or in the margin [1]
    (Con)figuring gender in Bible translation : cultural, translational and gender critical intersections [1]
    Constructing Protestant and Catholic Peters : a comparative study in the literary use of the New Testament and ecclesiastical tradition [1]
    Die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis / Confessio Belgica en die Bybel in 1561 [1]
    Empire and new testament texts : theorising the imperial, in subversion and attraction [1]
    Empire as material setting and heuristic grid for New Testament interpretation : comments on the value of postcolonial criticism [1]
    Ester : vroulike durf binne'n manlike bestel [1]
    Examples of individual and national restitution in the books of Kings [1]
    “Friends becoming foes” : a case of social rejection in Psalm 31 [1]
    He who laughs last – Jesus and laughter in the Synoptic and Gnostic traditions [1]
    Hermeneutics in identity formation : Paul's use of Genesis in Galatians 4 [1]
    The historical understanding of the Old Testament in South Africa : Colenso, Le Roux and beyond [1]
    Holmes se Apostoliese Vaders in Grieks en Engels : ‘n moet vir elke boekrak [1]
    Huldah’s oracle : the origin of the Chronicler’s typical style? [1]
    The influence of dwelling in the word within the Southern African partnership of missional churches [1]
    Just emotions : reading the Sarah and Hagar narrative (Genesis 16, 21) through the lens of human dignity [1]