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    Biogenic amines in wine : understanding the headache [1]
    Characterisation of pinotage wine during maturation on different oak products [1]
    Constitutive expression of a grapevine polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein affects gene expression and cell wall properties in uninfected tobacco [1]
    Fermentation-derived aroma compounds in varietal young wines from South Africa [1]
    Four plant defensins from an indigenous South African Brassicaceae species display divergent activities against two test pathogens despite high sequence similarity in the encoding genes [1]
    Functional characterisation of three members of the Vitis vinifera L. carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase gene family [1]
    The genes and enzymes of the carotenoid metabolic pathway in Vitis vinifera L [1]
    Grapevine berry ripening and wine aroma [1]
    Interactive effect of ethephon and shading on the anthocyanin composition of Vitis vinifera L. cv. crimson seedless [1]
    Madurez optima de la baya. La importancia del color [1]
    Malolactic fermentation : the ABC's of MLF [1]
    Managing your wine fermentation to reduce the risk of biogenic amine formation [1]
    Many saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall protein encoding genes are coregulated by Mss11, but cellular adhesion phenotypes appear only flo protein dependent [1]
    Overexpression of the grapevine PGIP1 in tobacco results in compositional changes in the leaf arabinoxyloglucan network in the absence of fungal infection [1]
    The production of reduced-alcohol wines using Gluzyme Mono® 10.000 BG-treated grape juice [1]
    Proteomic analysis of grape berry cell cultures reveals that developmentally regulated ripening related processes can be studied using cultured cells [1]
    Proteomics and transcriptomics of the BABA-induced resistance response in potato using a novel functional annotation approach [1]
    Shoot heterogeneity effects on Shiraz/Richter 99 grapevines. II, Physiological activity [1]
    Shoot heterogeneity effects on Shiraz/Richter 99 grapevines. III, Leaf chlorophyll content [1]
    Sistema radical de la vid : importancia y principales factores que lo afectan [1]