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    • Who cares? : moral reflections on business in healthcare 

      Esser, Jan Hendrik (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2001-03)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This evaluation serves the purpose of illuminating concepts and ideas behind the moral impact of business values in healthcare and to establish a framework for the analysis of moral dilemmas found in ...

    • Why Peirce matters : the symbol in Deacon’s symbolic species 

      De Villiers, Tanya (Elsevier Ltd, 2007)
      In ‘‘Why brains matter: an integrational perspective on The Symbolic Species’’ Cowley (2002) [Language Sciences 24, 73–95] suggests that Deacon pictures brains as being able to process words qua tokens, which he identifies ...

    • The world as the "Beyond" in politics 

      Roodt, Vasti; Stoker, Wessel (Ed.); Van Der Merwe, W. L. (Ed) (Rodopi Pubblishers, 2012-06)
      In this essay, I consider transcendence in relation to politics. Following Hannah Arendt, I argue that a necessary condition for politics is a concern with a common world. The world in this sense is the common interest ...

    • Zygmunt Bauman en die vraag na die oorsprong van moraliteit : die sosiale of die persoonlike? 

      Nienaber, Alet (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2003-04)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: In contrast with the moral philosophy that morality is dependent on society preached by Durkheim and his disciples Bauman argues that the origin of morality cannot be found within social structures. ...