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    Patient autonomy and evidence-based choice – philosophical and ethical perspectives [1]
    Peculiarities in mind ; or, on the absence of Darwin [1]
    Philosophy of psychopharmacology : a naturalist approach [1]
    Potential economies : complexity, novelty and the event [1]
    Poverty and the role of business [1]
    Poverty, spirits and sommunity : explorations in intercultural philosophy [1]
    The problem of complexity : re-thinking the role of critique [1]
    A quantitative bio-economic investigation of inshore fisheries [1]
    Responsibility in health care [1]
    The self in the thought of Kierkegaard, Sartre and Jung [1]
    Should we save nature while people go hungry? : an analysis of nature preservation and poverty within the South African context [1]
    Speaking of sustainable development and values... a response to Alistair Chadwick’s viewpoint responding to destructive interpersonal interactions : a way forward for school-based environmental educators [1]
    Spirituality and intersubjectivity : a philosophical understanding of the relation between the spiritual nature of persons and basic structures of intersubjectivity [1]
    Stalking the hunting debate : trophy hunting, integrity and ideology [1]
    The state of the art in environmental ethics as a practical enterprise : a view from the Johannesburg documents [1]
    A study of research in the Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University 1990-2009 [1]
    Subjek en etiese verantwoordelikheidsbesef : twee artikels oor die denke van Emmanuel Levinas [1]
    Sustainable development, sustainable livelihoods and land reform in South Africa : a conceptual and ethical inquiry [1]
    Thesis [1]
    They are all lies. Even Mother Theresa did it for herself [1]