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    On depiction and expression : two essays in philosophical aesthetics [1]
    On the imperative of sustainable development : a philosophical and ethical appraisal [1]
    On the value of environmental pragmatism in economic decision-making : with special reference to the work of Bryan Norton [1]
    An opinion survey of ethical concerns in environmental decision-making in Cape Town and Surrounds: the base line of 2002 [1]
    Organisational culture and structure as mechanisms for the reduction of human behavioural variability at the Merged Faculty of Education of the University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN) [1]
    The other before us? : a Deleuzean critique of phenomenological intersubjectivity [1]
    Otherness matters: Beauvoir, Hegel and the ethics of recognition [1]
    Our complex world : understanding it, living in it, sustaining it [1]
    Our moral obligations to disadvantaged children [1]
    Outonomie versus sorg in die behandeling van alkohol-afhanklikheid : etiese perspektiewe [1]
    Patient autonomy and evidence-based choice – philosophical and ethical perspectives [1]
    Peculiarities in mind ; or, on the absence of Darwin [1]
    Philosophy of psychopharmacology : a naturalist approach [1]
    Potential economies : complexity, novelty and the event [1]
    Poverty and the role of business [1]
    Poverty, spirits and sommunity : explorations in intercultural philosophy [1]
    The problem of complexity : re-thinking the role of critique [1]
    A quantitative bio-economic investigation of inshore fisheries [1]
    Responsibility in health care [1]
    The self in the thought of Kierkegaard, Sartre and Jung [1]