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    Kennis as lewe [1]
    Kompleksiteit en begronding in die werk van Hannah Arendt en Jaques Derrida [1]
    Die kompleksiteit van menswees in geneeskunde : 'n krities-filosofiese ondersoek [1]
    Leadership placement in organisations : a Drathian perspective [1]
    Lewenskwaliteit in biomediese konteks : filosofies-etiese ondersoek [1]
    The limits of virtue theory in business ethics [1]
    Logical extensions of the responsibility to protect [1]
    The meaning of work : an ethical perspective [1]
    Medical research on human subjects in South Africa : a critical assessment of the work of research ethics committees [1]
    Mind and language : evolution in contemporary theories of cognition [1]
    Modernism, environmental assessment and the sustainability argument : moving towards a new approach to project-based decision-making in South Africa [1]
    Moral perspectives on stimulant use in healthy students [1]
    The moral status of embryonic stem cell research in the South African context [1]
    The morality and ethics of hunting : towards common ground [1]
    Narrating the self : Freud, Dennett and complexity theory [1]
    Nuclear power [1]
    On depiction and expression : two essays in philosophical aesthetics [1]
    On the imperative of sustainable development : a philosophical and ethical appraisal [1]
    On the value of environmental pragmatism in economic decision-making : with special reference to the work of Bryan Norton [1]
    An opinion survey of ethical concerns in environmental decision-making in Cape Town and Surrounds: the base line of 2002 [1]