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    Finding creativity in the diversity of environmental ethics [1]
    The formation of the self : Nietzsche and complexity [1]
    Framed communities : translating the State of the Nation [1]
    Freud, Lacan, and the Oedipus complex [1]
    From fiction to phronésis : a critical dialogue with Martha Nussbaum on the importance of concrete fictional literature in moral philosophy [1]
    From pariah to parrhesiastes : reconceptualising the whistleblower in a complex world [1]
    Harm and enhancement : philosophical and ethical perspectives [1]
    Hermeneutics and historical consciousness : an appraisal of the contribution of Hans-Georg Gadamer [1]
    Human dignity : a right or a responsibility? [1]
    Human dimensions of invasive alien species in philosophical perspective : towards an ethic of conceptual responsibility [1]
    Identity and discourse : a critical philosophical investigation of the influence of the intellectual self-image of the medical profession on communicatively effective care to patients [1]
    Identity formation : a key to transforming teaching and learning [1]
    Identity, personhood and power : a critical analysis of the principle of respect for autonomy and the idea of informed consent, and their implementation in an androgynous and multicultural society [1]
    The impact of materialistic monism and suffering on medical students :a critique of the biomedical and biopsychosocial model of medical schools [1]
    Is Dr. Andrew Murray a mystic? [1]
    The justfiable limitations of patient autonomy in contemporary South African medical practice [1]
    Justice, entitlement and inheritance : exploring theoretical grounds for the rectification of manifest injustices through an analysis of inheritance [1]
    Kennis as lewe [1]
    Kompleksiteit en begronding in die werk van Hannah Arendt en Jaques Derrida [1]
    Die kompleksiteit van menswees in geneeskunde : 'n krities-filosofiese ondersoek [1]