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    Darwin's doubt : implications of the theory of evolution for human knowledge [1]
    Difference, boundaries and violence : a philosophical exploration informed by critical complexity theory and deconstruction [1]
    Difference, disability and discrimination : a philosophical critique of selective abortion [1]
    Die drankeuwel [1]
    Dual obligations in clinical forensic medicine [1]
    Ecological sustainability in a developing country such as South Africa? A philosophical and ethical inquiry. [1]
    Die einde van etiek in 'n wêreld van on-volhoubare ontwikkeling? [1]
    Emmanuel Levinas on ethics as the first truth [1]
    Ethical aspects of traditional male circumcision among certain ethnic groups in South Africa : the grounds for change and societal intervention [1]
    Ethical considerations surrounding Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) in South Africa as an intervention for HIV prevention [1]
    The ethical implications of global climate change [1]
    Ethical perspectives on surveillance and preventive strategies for HIV/AIDS in South Africa [1]
    The ethics of stimulant use in healthy students [1]
    Evil, morality and modernity [1]
    Exploring ethical challenges, climate change and implications on land and water use within the agricultural sector of the Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Finding creativity in the diversity of environmental ethics [1]
    The formation of the self : Nietzsche and complexity [1]
    Framed communities : translating the State of the Nation [1]
    Freud, Lacan, and the Oedipus complex [1]
    From fiction to phronésis : a critical dialogue with Martha Nussbaum on the importance of concrete fictional literature in moral philosophy [1]