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    Die a priorisme van Karl Hein [1]
    Addressing the problem of sexual violence in South Africa : a philosophical analysis of equality and sexual difference in the constitution and the new sexual offences act [1]
    The African perception of death, with special reference to the Zulu : a critical analysis [1]
    Amor fati, amor mundi : Nietzsche and Arendt on overcoming modernity [1]
    Animal Liberation : 'n kritiese bespreking vanuit 'n filosofies-veekundige perspektief [1]
    Armoede in 'n postmodernistiese Afrika [1]
    The autonomy of culture : a cultural-philosophical analysis [1]
    Being, eating and being eaten : deconstructing the ethical subject [1]
    Biomedical ethics in South Africa : current challenges and institutional responses [1]
    The business of power and the power of business : (determining meta-ethics) [1]
    A complex ethics : critical complexity, deconstruction, and implications for business ethics [1]
    The Complex I [1]
    Complexity and hermeneutic phenomenology [1]
    The complexity of identity : the Afrikaner in a changing South Africa [1]
    Complexity of the big and small [1]
    Complexity, peacebuilding and coherence : implications of complexity for the peacebuilding coherence dilemma [1]
    Conceptual clarity, scientific rigour and 'The stories we are' : engaging with two challenges to the objectivity of invasion biology [1]
    Conceptualizing ecological sustainability and ecologically sustainable development in ethical terms : issues and challenges [1]
    Conservation discourses related to natural resource use : local communities and Kruger National Park conservation officers Mpumalanga Province, South Africa [1]
    Corporate governance in public-private partnerships : a public sector management perspective [1]