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    The analysis and reduction of starch in sugarcane by silencing ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase and over-expressing β-amylase [1]
    Analysis of dextrin dextranase from Gluconobacter oxydans [1]
    Analysis of enzymes involved in starch phosphate metabolism [1]
    Analysis of genes implicated in iron regulation in individuals presenting with primary iron overload in the South African population [1]
    Analysis of genetic variants in the 5’ regulatory region of the ALAS1 gene in South African patients with Variegate Porphyria (VP) [1]
    Analysis of intermediate carbon metabolism in strawberry plants [1]
    Analysis of the effects of the plant growth promoting substances GR24 and smoke water on abiotically stressed Nicotiana benthamiana seedlings [1]
    Approaches for the study of leaf carbohydrate metabolic compartmentation in arabidopsis thaliana [1]
    Assessment of yield traits between family groups of the cultured abalone (Haliotis midae) in South Africa [1]
    Association of genetic variants and the susceptibility to abnormal involuntary movements and tardive dyskinesia (TD) in Xhosa schizophrenia patients [1]
    Biopolymer gene discovery and characterization using metagenomic libraries [1]
    Carbon turnover and sucrose metabolism in the culm of transgenic sugarcane producing 1-Kestose [1]
    A characterisation of genes involved in apoptosis resistance [1]
    Characterisation of novel TAC3 and TACR3 gene variants and polymorphisms in patients with pre-eclampsia [1]
    The characterisation of selected grapevine cultivars using microsatellites [1]
    Characterization of the promoter region of the HAMP gene implicated in iron metabolism and its possible association with Oesophageal cancer in the black South African population [1]
    Characterization of transgenic sugarcane lines with perturbed pyrophosphate: fructose 6-phosphate 1-phosphotransferase (PFP) activity [1]
    The characterization of vacuolar pyrophosphatase expression in sugarcane [1]
    Comparative analyses of primary carbon metabolism in parasitic plant species [1]
    Comparative analysis of differential gene expression in the culms of sorghum [1]