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    Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001): an examination of the implementation of stochastic procedures in selected compositions [1]
    The implications of Ned Herrmann’s whole-brain model for violin teaching : a case study [1]
    In search of the "true" sound of an artist : a study of recordings by Maria Callas [1]
    The influence of early Apartheid intellectualisation on twentieth-century Afrikaans music historiography [1]
    Influential factors in the application of flute vibrato [1]
    Institutional manifestations of music censorship and surveillance in apartheid South Africa with specific reference to the SABC from 1974 to 1996 [1]
    An introduction to audio post-production for film [1]
    Die invloed van musiekonderrig op die selfbeeld van die leerder met aandagafleibaarheid-hiperaktiwiteit [1]
    Die invloed van musiekstimulering op die ontwikkeling van die kind met Downsindroom : 'n holistiese benadering [1]
    Key profile optimisation for the computational modelling of tonal centre [1]
    Keyboard tuition for adult beginners : investigating Practical Piano Study 171 at the University of Stellenbosch [1]
    Die komposisies vir klarinet van Suid-Afrikaanse komponiste [1]
    Memorisation : an approach for the pianist [1]
    Mikrofoontegnieke toegepas in populêre musiekopnames [1]
    Miniature blueprints, spider strategems : a Michael Blake retrospective at 60 [1]
    A multidisciplinary study of the phenomenon of violin vibrato [1]
    The music activities of the Cape Performing Arts Board (CAPAB): a historical survey [1]
    The music editions in the Scott Collection of the Music Library of the University of Stellenbosch before and up to 1800, excluding church music : an annotated catalogue with some notes on printers and publishers [1]
    Music for early childhood : guidelines for parents in the Western Cape [1]
    Music in the community : a study of community music projects in the Western Cape, with specific reference to the Redefine Music Education Project, in Kuils River. [1]