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    Analysis of the market structures and systems for indigenous fruit trees: the case for Uapaca Kirkiana in Zambia [1]
    Analysis of the potential socio-economic impact of establishing plantation forestry on rural communities in Sanga District, Niassa province, Mozambique [1]
    The assessment of fire history in plantations of Mpumalanga North [1]
    Assessment of trade-offs between timber and carbon values of Pterocarpus angolensis (Kiaat) in the Kavango Region of Namibia : a comparison of current and potential values [1]
    Biomass modelling of selected drought tolerant Eucalypt species in South Africa [1]
    Biomass prediction models for Colophospermum Mopane (Mopane) in Botswana [1]
    Bugweed, a short fibre source of high potential [1]
    Contribution of soil fertility replenishment agroforestry technologies to the livelihoods and food security of smallholder farmers in central and southern Malawi [1]
    Development of a time/temperature logging device to characterise the burning characteristics of biofuels [1]
    Development of potential height growth and diameter increment models for the parameterisation of an individual tree growth model for Pinus elliottii plantations in South Africa [1]
    Dispersal of seeds as a constraint in revegetation of old fields in Renosterveld vegetation in the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    The effect of fertilising pinus radiata stands at mid rotation age in the Western Cape Province on leaf area, growth efficiency and stand productivity [1]
    The effect of irregular stand structures on growth, wood quality and its mitigation in operational harvest planning of Pinus patula stands [1]
    The effect of site and cambial age on selected anatomical properties of [1]
    The effect of sodium lauryl sulphate on blue stain, mould growth and surface properties of SA pine [1]
    The effect of tree windbreaks on the microclimate and crop yields in the Western Cape Region of South Africa [1]
    The effects of soil type and management strategy on vegetation structure and function in a semi-arid savanna, South Africa [1]
    Die ekonomiese ontwikkeling van die bosbou-onderneming in Suid-Afrika [1]
    Evaluation of carbon accounting models for plantation forestry in South Africa [1]
    Evaluation of the performance of joint forest management (JFM) programme : case of Dambwa Forest Reserve in Livingstone District, Zambia [1]